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Make it Group

We want to build a sustainable production line for impactful businesses. Not for money, not for glory, but because we love it.

Make it is a startup studio

We co-create startups with entrepreneurs. Our team of 25 experts helps our startups by offering support in 4 areas: software development (web and apps), hardware development (IoT), marketing (Growth Marketing) and mentoring.

At Make it, as we are entrepreneurs, we know what the entrepreneur is going through. As we have this experience, we can really work in the best interest of the entrepreneur, be it from startups, SME or corporates.

We provide an ecosystem and services to give life to ideas. One of our founders has spent one year developing a software that, in the end, was used only by him and his cofounder. Therefore, our teams want to reduce risks and maximise return on investment.

In a nutshell, if someone wants to make his/her idea become a reality, Make it is the one stop shop for all entrepreneurial needs.

How we build

Implementation is the key to make any project a success. These are the 4 main steps of our process.

First step: Test it

Test your idea in a lean startup mindset. Check if clients are ready to buy your product in the current shape, at its current price, and how you should communicate about your idea. Result: test your riskiest hypotheses before investing a lot.

Second step: Shape it

How realistic is your idea? We check its technical feasibility, we prototype it and we give you the guidelines for the future development. Result: you reduce your risks of development.

Third step: Fund it

We fund startups. From pre-seed to seed. We let you focus on what is important, we take care of the money.

Fourth step: Build it

We build your app or your device with our in-house developers and engineers. Your real needs will be taken care of by entrepreneur-minded people.

Fifth step: Grow it

We grow your business. From 20 to 200 clients, and from 200 to 2000. We create a system to make you grow and we help you scale.


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